Jean-Baptiste FRIBOURG
Graduated from a prestigious University in France, Jean-Baptiste Fribourg hesitated a long time between a political carreer and an arts carreer. He finally worked from 2007 to 2012 for the Independent Film Festival nammed “Les Inattendus” in Lyon, which gave him time to help his documentarians friends and have fun on the radio. In 2012, he became boss by creating “La Société des Apaches”. In 2017, he followed the Eurodoc training programme, then became Emerging Producer in 2020. He is also associate lecturer at the Audiovisual and Digital Master of the Grenoble-Alpes University.

Francis FORGE
Francis Forge developped an affection for experimental film during his university studies. He worked for the festival “Les Inattendus” in 2012 and developed audiovisual practive workshops and creative residencies. He also met Jean-Baptiste Fribourg. Their connections for hybrid films naturally led him to join him at “La Société des Apaches” in 2016. He also programms films in the Meteorites’ collective.

Laure won’t be an Egyptologist as she thought when she was a little girl. Nevertheless, she learned to decode images in visual communication and then in sociology and antrhopology. From the desire for archaeology, she keeps her desire to put herself at the service of collective projects, both artistic and production. She trained herself for filmmaking at the “Ateliers Varan” in Paris, then in production via the “Production programme” in the Eurodoc region. By joining “La Société des Apaches”, she found her alter-ego: a taste for adventure, sincere simplicity in human relationships and a desire to serve projects.

After her studies in a pretigious University, Pauline decided to study how to produce films. Passionate about the innumerable facets of the documentary, her meeting with authors confirms that she wants to support them, that’s why she joined “La Société des Apaches” in 2020.