No es una crisis

A webdocumentary by Fabien BENOIT & Julien MALASSIGNÉ

No es una crisis is an immersion in an European capital in crisis and resistance (Madrid), where the Internet user explores the double laboratory that Spain has become today: a laboratory of a deepening of economic liberalism – and its shock therapy of rigor – but also a laboratory of new social, economic and political practices carried by the citizens.
It is therefore a question of showing what an European capital subject to a policy of drastic austerity is, but also of revealing how a civil society could mobilize, beyond age, class or partisan affiliations, to resist what is akin to a parish priest, and rethink the functioning of democracy.

With the support of CNC, Région Rhône-Alpes, the Foundation Un Monde Par Tous and 233 kissbankers.
Broadcast on Médiapart, Courrier International, and Le
Courrier International Prize for best webdoc 201

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