La Chica Espacio

A documentary film directed by Antoine PRÉVOST & Christelle GRANJA

In the nightclubs of East Los Angeles, Elsa Miriam Escobar, an undocumented Mexican immigrant, metamorphoses herself into La Chica Espacio, DJ “sonidera”, the pope of an exuberant mass. In a smoky and stroboscopic atmosphere, her “saludos” (autographs thrown at the microphone and broadcast live on social networks) create a virtual space beyond the Mexican border where the links broken by exile are rekindled. Through the destiny of the Chica Espacio, the paradoxes of the Latin community in California are revealed, between fragility and hope.

With the participation of the CNC, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region and Procirep-Angoa.