XIIIe Travail d’Hercule

A documentary film directed by Eliott Mattiussi

Robert has been struggling for 40 years to get recognition for a painting he attributes to Nicolas Poussin. To find the painter’s point of view, he travelled the seven hills of Rome accompanied by his son Serge who was then 18 years old. Serge is now a recognized art restorer and doubts the origin of the painting after having supported his father for a long time. In his office in Avignon, surrounded by books, files and paintings, Robert tells me the story of his quest with an extraordinary sense of emphasis and anecdote. Through his stories, I plunge into the canvas and discover the vertigo of an endless study, where the quest for fatherhood and recognition are intertwined.

This project is the winner of the Brouillon d’un Rêve grant (SCAM – 2020)